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Tiny Castle ~ Evil Phillip Quest

Tiny Castle - Evil Phillip Quest - 20/03/2014

Tiny castle have at last released promised quests for the higher level players.

Evil Phillip is an 8 part quest for players at Level 21 or above in pursuit of finding Wendy. Along the way, something strange seems to have happened to Phillip. Has he been hypnotised by the Evil Queen?

ghost amulet

The last stage of this quest requires banishing the evil spirit (ghost) your reward will be the ghost amulet, which will no doubt be required to protect you on the next stage of your journey to save Wendy.

Tiny Castle Evil Phillip
Tiny Castle - Evil Phillip

Note: Quest requirements changed 22/03/2014

Due to high level players being unable to complete the dust quests, the requirements of tasks 2 & 6 have changed.
Task 2: Focus Please. "A cup or two" - Gather 5 cups of dust. Replaced with "Just a Little Dust" - dust well contain >999
Task 6: I Need More - "Wish for 1000 dust" Collect 1000 dust. Replaced with "Gather 2000 dust" dust well contain >1999


Quest icon evilphillip_farm
1. Discuss Over Dinner

Your majesty, despite our best efforts, we still have not located Wendy. For now, I suggest we regroup and discuss our best plans over dinner.
Gather Cheeries, Cloudcumbers, Castle Carrots

tiny castle cheeiries

A Handful of Cheeries
We'll need five Cheeries...

~ Harvest 5 Cheeries @ 1 min

tiny castle cloudcumber

Several Cloudcumbers
About five Cloudcumbers...

~ Harvest 5 Cloudcumbers @ 10 mins

Castle carrot

A Castle Carrot
And a Castle Carrot.

~ Harvest 1 Castle Carrot @ 22 hours.

Now, let's get down to planning...
xp 5500 coins 1000 magic dust 75 food 300
evil phillip quest
2. Focus Please
In my studies of the Mad King, I've deduced that part of his genius came from an external source: Magic Dust, when applied correctly, can enhance the mind. Perhaps if I attempt something similar, I'll reach his heights of intelligence, and can help find Wendy?
tiny castle magic well

Phillip needs Magic Dust
Gather 1000 Dust from Minions or the Magic Well!

~ Have more than 999 dust in the well.

Ah hah! The Magic Dust allows me to see everything so much...clearer! Onwards!
xp 5500 coins 7500 magic dust 75 food 300
evil phillip quest
3. Greasing the Wheel
We've tried coercing the Queen's minions to reveal her plans, but never to reveal Wendy's location. Let's see if a bribe won't change their minds.
Bribe a Slush Troll
slush troll

A Clue
Bribe Slush Trolls for clues about Wendy's location

~ The game should spawn 5 x Scary Slush Trolls. - Bribe them with food until one drops a map. The map may not drop on first attempt.

A Slush Troll promised me information, but this message is nothing but scribbles!
xp 7500 coins 8500 magic dust 175 food 0
evil phillip quest 4
4. Retribution
What is this scribbling? Is this a hint to Wendy's location, or just a red herring? Your majesty, let us show those Trolls what happens to those who cross us.
Banish 5 Slush Trolls
slush troll

Phillip is looking for vengeance. Get even by banishing five Slush Trolls.

~ The game should spawn 5 x Scary Slush Trolls. - Banish Them.

But perhaps the fleeing Trolls can relay a similar sentiment to the Queen. I will NOT be trifled with any longer.
xp 12500 coins 9000 magic dust 100 food 0
evil phillip quest 5
5. Substitute Summoner
Have you noticed...
I am concerned about Phillip's recent attitude. He appears...different...and I think I may know why, but I will need to do some research. Could you assist with my duties while I am occupied?
Summon Zmey for Mervin
hatch a zmey

Hatch a Zmey!
Assist Mervin by summoning a Zmey while he is researches Phillip's recent changes.

~ Summon a Zmey - Will auto complete if you already have one

I may have found the cause of Phillip's changes, but...oh, here he comes.
xp 14500 coins 4500 magic dust 450 food 0
tiny castle quest 6
6. I Need More
Our only clue to Wendy's location is the Slush Troll's encrypted note. If I am going to decipher it, I will need more Magic Dust. Now.
Phillip needs Magic Dust
tiny castle magic well

Phillip needs Magic Dust to decrypt the Troll's note.
Gather 2000 from the Well or Minions.

~ Have more than 1999 dust in the well.

I could not see it before, but the Dust has made it clear. This isn't a note at all: it's a map!
xp 35000 coins 4500 magic dust 450 food 0
tiny castle quest 7
7. Garden Wisdom
Did you know that in ages past, Magic Dust was consumed to imbue one with magical power? It was considered taboo, so my information is limited. Let's consult an Elder creature for more information.
Raise a Garden Nymph to level 15, Grow 10,000 food
garden nymph

Level 15 monster.php?monster=nymph
Elder Garden Nymphs should have the information we need.

~ Have a garden nymph at level 15

tiny castle food

Harvest 10,000 Food
Elders have insatiable appetites. Grow enough food to support one.

~ Harvest 10,000 Food

All the Elder Nymph would say on the subject was "Madness". What do you suppose she meant?

xp 55000 coins 37000 magic dust 555 food 2000
tiny castle quest
8. The Fallen Guard
According to the Troll's map, something is hidden right...around...here. Wait, what's that?
ghost icon

Banish the Ghost
Quickly, banish the Ghost and discover what it's hiding!

~ Banish the ghost that appears on your 3rd island. It is strong and will require a Level 10 Zmey, Basilisk, Nanuk or Vily.

Wendy is nowhere in sight...but the Ghost left behind this amulet. Let's bring it back to the Castle
xp 60000 coins 0 magic dust 0 food   tiny castle jewel 10 ghost amulet ["questitem_amulet"]
Total Quest Rewards
xp 190,000 coins 72000 magic dust 1430 food 2600 tiny castle jewel 10 ghost amulet ["questitem_amulet"]


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