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Tiny Castle ~ Minion Spawn

This page specifically contains information about how often minions spawn in Tiny Castle.

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Tiny Castle Minions


Tiny Castle uses 2 methods of spawning Minions.

  1. Continual Spawning
  2. Overnight Spawn

Both methods depend upon

  • Your Tiny Castle Player Level
  • Subject to an overall Maximum number of allowed Minions.

In addition, the Continual Spawn Method also relies on

  • Your average Battles with Minions per day.

So the more battles you win per day increases your chances of more Minions being spawned during the continual spawn process.
Use the form below to calculate the minion spawn frequency for your Tiny Castle Realm.  

Tiny Castle Minion Spawn Calculator
A value is required.Invalid format.The entered value is less than the minimum required.Minimum number of characters not met.Exceeded maximum number of characters.The entered value is greater than the maximum allowed.
  Avg Battles*
A value is required.Invalid format.Minimum number of characters not met.Exceeded maximum number of characters.The entered value is greater than the maximum allowed.
* You will have to estimate how many battles per day you fight

Average Daily Battles.

The average figure is recorded in Tiny Castle's database against your realm number. 
We do not have access to this figure so you will have to estimate it yourself.

Maximum Number of Minions.

This is very loosely based around your player level.  Unfortunately though it is not an entirely straight forward calculation such as Level 1 = 1, Level 2 =2 etc. 
There is a lot more to the algorithm than an easy calculation as it also uses minimum and maximum figures.
After looking at the formula for quite a while & scratching my head, I decided it would be far easier to write a function which performs the maths automatically.

Continual Spawn.

Basically this is how often a new random minion will be spawned on your realm. This is certainly not a straight forward calculation which relies heavily on your Player Level and Average Daily battles. 
It also relies on various time spans and a figure thrown in for fun.  This for sure is not a calculation that can be done in your head :/

Overnight Spawn.

This is a simple calculation based purely on your player level and should occur at 09:30 am each day. 
Subject of course to you not having exceeding the maximum amount of minions allowed on your realm.


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