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Everything you need to know about Tiny Castle Minions
Tiny Castle Minions


 ~ What are Minions?

Minions are sent by the Evil Queen to impede your progress in Tiny Castle. If not cleared they will steal a portion of your crops or income earned from your habitats.


 ~ What are the different minion breeds and varieties?

There are several different types of minion breeds, each of which will appear on specific areas of your realm. Each minion breed also has different varieties. The current breeds of minions can be found on the list of minions page. Clicking on the link will show the different varieties together with their power and battle defence.

Current minion breeds are: goblin, cyclops, ogre, demon, sandman, muck-monster, hob, slush-troll & fog monster.


 ~ Where do minions appear?

Minions are more likely to appear next to your habitats or farms, so that they can steal a portion of your income or crops. If a minion is about to steal income, then the coin icon above your habitat or crop icon above your farm will show as red arrow. Unless you clear the minion before you harvest, they will take 10% of what you have earned.

minion food minion coins

On the left we can see a goblin which has spawned near to a farm and a sandman which has appeared in the middle of 4 habitats.

The red arrow indicates which crops or coins that the minion will steal from unless the minion is cleared first.

You can either fight or bribe the minion, or it may be possible to move the building out of the way before you collect from it.


 ~ How do a get rid of a minion?

There are two methods of getting rid of a minion.

  • Banish the minion
    - to do this you will have to win a battle with the minion.
  • Bribe the minion
    - you can bribe the minion to go away by giving it food.

Fog monsters can only be banished by using magic dust.


 ~ How do I win a battle with a minion?

Chose your monster with care, the stronger it is then the more chance you have of winning the battle.
For more information about banishing minions see the minion battle page.


 ~ How often do minions appear?

Tiny Castle uses a specific formula to calculate how often new minions will spawn.
This calculation depends on various factors such as your player level, how often you fight minions and the amount of minions you already have in your realm.

See the minion spawn page for more information on how this works and to calculate your maximum minion spawn and how often a new minion will appear on your realm.


 ~ Minions have stopped spawing on my island.

Tiny Castle has put a check in place to ensure that minions should periodically spawn on your islands. However there is a maximum amount of minions that will invade your realm.

The most common reason for minions not spawning is that you have already reached your maximum spawn limit. If this is the case check all your islands and clear any minions to make new minions appear. If you have a lot of minions on your third island and your monsters arent yet powerful enough to banish them, simply bribe them with food.

For more information on minion spawning and your maximum spawn limit see the minion spawn page.


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