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Frequently asked questions about Tiny Castles secret summons and monster spree into new elemental forms.


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Tiny castle monster spree

 ~ What is a Secret Summons?

A secret summons is 'hidden summoning' within the game whereby your creature evolves into an advanced form of its former self. This occurs during tuck in time at the dream tower. When the creature is woken it evolves - or sprees- into another form.

 ~ What is a Monster Spree?

A spree is when a creature evolves into another form or higher form. It can evolve into different elemental forms of the same creature with higher or special powers.

 ~ Which of my creatures can Spree?

22/07/2013 - Sylph is able to Spree. This occurs during tuck in time at Level 19.

25/04/2014 - Green Dragon is able to Spree at Level 15

20/11/2014 - Pixie is able to Spree at Level 8.


~ What are the Spree forms?

When you tuck your creature into the Dream  Tower at the relevant level it will have a chance to evolve into one of the spree forms :

Sylph - Monster Spree
Tiny Castle Sylph Spree
Spree Forms Weighting
Fire Sylph Tiny Castle Fire Sylph 100
Spree Level: Level 19 Electric Sylph Tiny Castle Electric Sylph 60
Spree Time: 24 hours
Instant Finish Cost:
tiny castle jewel 35
Ice Sylph Tiny Castle Ice Sylph 20
Retry Cost:
tiny castle jewel 35

Dragon - Monster Spree
Tiny Castle green dragon spree
Spree Forms Weighting
Green Dragon Tiny Castle Green Dragon 100
Spree Level: Level 15 Gold Dragon Tiny Castle Gold Dragon 50
Spree Time: 24 hours
Instant Finish Cost:
tiny castle jewel 75
Black Dragon Tiny Castle Black Dragon 20
Retry Cost:
tiny castle jewel 75

Pixie - Monster Spree
Tiny Castle Pixie Spree
Spree Forms Weighting
Lilac Pixie Tiny Castle Lilac Pixie 100
Spree Level: Level 8 Orchid Pixie Tiny Castle Orchid Pixie 35
Spree Time: 24 hours
Instant Finish Cost:
tiny castle jewel 75
Rose Pixie Tiny Castle Rose Pixie 10
Retry Cost:
tiny castle jewel 75

Expect to get duplicates. If you dont get the spree form that you want, you will have to breed and evolve a new monster, or you can pay jewels to have another go.   Paying jewels does not guarantee that you will get a different form.

 ~ How do I get all the spree forms.

Patience & luck!

When your creature wakens from the dream tower at level 19/8, it will randomly evolve into one of the 3 spree forms.
The chance to get each creature is weighted, with the Lilac Pixie and Fire Sylph being the most common, so expect to evolve several of these before you manage to get the complete set.

 ~ How do I get an Ice Sylph / Rose Pixie?

This is the way the game works and its all down to chance, the Ice & Rose forms are the hardest to get and unfortunately you will have to just keep trying until you fall lucky.

 ~ Tips

You will need to keep evolving sylphs until you get all three and you are likely to get multiple fire or electric sylphs along the way. Once a sylph has evolved into its elemental form it loses it sylph purity when it comes to breeding. If you need more sylphs then use 2 sylphs which have not yet evolved or spreed into its elemental form. Breeding elemental sylphs will most likely give you a fairy. Therefore its wise to keep 2 normal sylphs for breeding purposes. Two normal sylphs when bred will give you another sylph.

It looks like that at some point Tiny Castle may introduce an option to retry the spree process for 20 jewels, but this facility is not currently live. - Now live cost is 35 gems.

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