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This page intends to give hints and tips on breeding and summoning Tiny Castle creatures.



Tiny Castle Summoning Tree

To successfully breed the creature you want, you must use two creatures which contain a mix of the correct elements.

~ Does it matter which creature goes in first?

No - The order that you put your breeding pair into the summoning tree makes no difference.

~ Does it matter if I use an adult or teen creature to breed?

No- The level of your creature makes no difference.

~ What is an element creature.

An elemental creature is a pure breed that only contains one of the main elements. There are currently 8 elemental creatures in the game. - Garden, Forest, Sky, Volcano, Desert, Beach, Mountain & Polar.

~ What is a hybrid creature?

A hybrid creature is one that contains 2 different elements.

~ Why cant I mix a Garden Nymph with a Phoenix - I'm trying to get an Imp/Fire Nymph

Some elements (such as garden & volcano) are incompatible. You will therefore have to use hybrids to get your chosen result. Aside from incompatible elements, there are also some creatures which are incompatible when it comes to summoning. The breeding sandbox should be aware of all incompatible elements and breeding pairs.

~ How does the summoning process work?

Breeding is a result of luck and chance. Some creatures are more difficult to breed than others because they have higher odds set.

~ Can you explain this in more detail please?

All breeding type games use a method called weighting. The amount of weighting that is applied to the creature/animal affects the chance of actually getting one particular creature over any other creature. The animals/creatures are placed into separate groups depending upon its chance odds.

All programming languages have a math random function to which a programmer can apply different odds. We don't know what odds that TinyCo use, but it goes without any doubt they will be using weighting to control the outcome of breeding.

All breeding and chance games use weighting and the groups they use normally fall into 4 different categories upon which the breeding odds are applied. The group set normally used is {common, uncommon, rare, extra-rare}. I suspect an ultra-rare category may have also been recently added for the unicorn and leprechaun.

To put this in context, typical weightings may be that the odds for a common = 1:1 . uncommon = 1:2. rare = 1:5 etc. This is why its so hard to get a sylph (extra-rare) compared to a fairy (common) when both have the same elements.


Will I have more sucess with a certain breeding pair?

In all honestly no. All the evidence points to Tiny Castle using the weighting method, so it is purely down to chance and the weighting of which category the creature is placed into. Nor is there any evidence that hybrids stand a better chance than the elemental creatures.

That said it helps if you choose your breeding pair carefully and stick to a pair that only has the elements of the offspring you wish to breed. The more possible outcome results of your selected pair, then the less likely the chance you will get the creature you want. Use the breeding sandbox to help with your choice.



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