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Tiny Castle ~ Large Volcano Habitat

Large Volcano
Large Volcano habitat Available
tiny castle coins 409000
Premium Price
tiny castle jewels 0
Construction Time
  6h 15m
Construction Hurry
tiny castle jewels 7
Construction XP
tiny castle xp 9911
Sell for
tiny castle coins 204500
Footprint  5 x 5    
Max Inhabitants Upgradable  No Upgrade Cost
tiny castle coins  
Max Coins 40000  Upgrade Time N/A Upgrade Hurry
tiny castle jewels N/A
Expanding the Volcano Home was tricker than getting it started in the first place, but with the help of the Volcano Creatures, Mervin contrived not to burn off all of his hair. In one of his more inspired moments, Mervin managed a spell to make two beautiful magma waterfalls and enchanted the shrubberies to withstand the heat.

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