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Tiny Castle ~ Small Polar Habitat

Small Polar
Small Polar habitat Available
tiny castle coins 1100000
Premium Price
tiny castle jewels 0
Construction Time
Construction Hurry
tiny castle jewels 10
Construction XP
tiny castle xp 15447
Sell for
tiny castle coins 550000
Footprint  4 x 4    
Max Inhabitants Upgradable  largepolarhabitat Upgrade Cost
tiny castle coins  
Max Coins 13000  Upgrade Time 68400 Upgrade Hurry
tiny castle jewels 20
Making this frozen Polar Island hospitable was no easy task, but with a will Mervin began to carve out this icy paradise. Guarded by a spindly forest of icy stalagmites - or is it tites? - the Polar Home is the perfect place for Ice Creatures to live. Everyone else stays well away.

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