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Tiny Castle ~ Small Forest Habitat

Small Forest
Small Forest habitat Available
tiny castle coins 4000
Premium Price
tiny castle jewels 0
Construction Time
Construction Hurry
tiny castle jewels 1
Construction XP
tiny castle xp 28
Sell for
tiny castle coins 2000
Footprint  4 x 4    
Max Inhabitants Upgradable  largeforesthabitat Upgrade Cost
tiny castle coins  
Max Coins 2000  Upgrade Time 20700 Upgrade Hurry
tiny castle jewels 6
Robin cheerfully searched the island to find a proper tree for the Forest Home. She was fortunate enough to discover a perfect giant oak. The rings indicate that it is old enough to remember the reign of your ancestors and a time before the Evil Queen. Occasionally, the Centaurs say, it tells stories of those times to the Forest Creatures.

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