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Tiny Castle ~ Large Desert Habitat

Large Desert
Large Desert habitat Available
tiny castle coins 611000
Premium Price
tiny castle jewels 0
Construction Time
Construction Hurry
tiny castle jewels 8
Construction XP
tiny castle xp 14405
Sell for
tiny castle coins 305500
Footprint  5 x 5    
Max Inhabitants Upgradable  No Upgrade Cost
tiny castle coins  
Max Coins 40000  Upgrade Time N/A Upgrade Hurry
tiny castle jewels N/A
A Cyno suggested that if the Desert Home were bigger, it might actually be easier to keep free of the rest of the desert. So with a will and a wand, Mervin went to work enlarging this sandstone courtyard. Now it merely requires daily sweeping by the Desert Creatures, which they are very grateful for, and is the best location in your kingdom for stargazing.

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