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Tiny Castle ~ Candy Heart Habitat

Candy Heart
Candy Heart habitat Available
not available
tiny castle coins 0
Premium Price
tiny castle jewels 99
Construction Time
Construction Hurry
tiny castle jewels 6
Construction XP
tiny castle xp 2100
Sell for
tiny castle coins 0
Footprint  5 x 5    
Max Inhabitants Upgradable  No Upgrade Cost
tiny castle coins  
Max Coins 4000  Upgrade Time N/A Upgrade Hurry
tiny castle jewels N/A
This Candy Heart Habitat is a WizDiscounts Special to celebrate the season of true love! It is made of magically preserved Starberry Candy. (Don't worry! Once broken off, the candy loses its magical preservative and is perfectly edible!) Hurry and get your Candy Heart Habitat before they are all gone!

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